>The Heart Of Atlas


"That package contained a device known as the Heart Of Atlas, the result of a 50-year study on perpetual energy. They didn't quite succeed, but supposedly a single heart could power a major metropolis singlehandedly for generations. I'm not quite sure how it works, myself, but it was going to be the centerpiece of our technology wing for a few months."


"Do you really expect me to believe something so far-fetched? Why hasn't this already been implemented all over the world?"

"It's very expensive to make these things, you know! You can't just replace all of the power plants in the world in a day. I am lead to believe that the Heart is still experimental at this stage, and as such the only equipment that can properly tap into its power is owned by the scientists who created it."

"This is a little hard to believe! Surely, several fundamental laws of physics are being violated."

"Don't you read the news, young lady? Perhaps you'd like to take it up with your transforming, hand-crank moped robot.

I'm sure you could imagine that the Heart is an incredibly high security item. We sent a armored van decoy and gave you the real thing, but they still found out somehow."

""They" who?!"

"I haven't the foggiest. Any nation would love to get their hands on an almost unlimited power resource. But I can tell you that whoever does gets their hands on it could easily have the entire world at their mercy. A war of unimaginable magnitude could unfold. World conquest."


"I ... this is a lot to take in."


"You saw your assailant up close, didn't you? You may be our only chance to track them down before it's too late!"

"But what can I do? I'm just a courier!"

"Please, I beg of you! The entire world may depend on it!"

This is out of control! You've always liked spy movies, but you're no secret agent.

You feel obligated to recover the package as a delivery woman. But this sounds really dangerous! You could be contending with an entire army!

What do you do?