Old school video games?! It'd be awesome to see your collection.

This is your oldest console. It uses cartridges and everything! It came out at the genesis of 3D gaming. The graphics are very blocky and primitive, and the controller is not very ergonomic, but you love it. You are inspired that the manufacturers (and their competitors) forged ahead with new technology, even if it wasn't perfect. They set a precedent for all consoles to come.

This one is the earliest disk-based system you own. It was released in-between two generations of consoles and ultimately failed to compete with newer technology. The company never really recovered. It has a lot of bizarre and wonderful games, though.

This is your newest one, and probably your favorite. It is backwards compatible with an older console by the same company! That didn't start being a stock feature until this console came out. Both of the consoles have great games, but you tend to favor the older one because it has your favorite game on it. You sneak around on a spy mission and fight magic soldiers and blow up a giant robot! You have some of the sequels, too, but they're not as cool.

> Check on your 'bots.

Your robots are not as cool as giant mecha, but ...

This one is actually a video game peripheral for a very old console made by the same company that made your cartridge-based console. It didn't really do much ... and it still doesn't. He's cute, though.

This is the best one.

This is a little cleaning robot you've been working on. Your roommate snuck in here and drew on it. You should stop leaving pens on your desk. It's kind of growing on you, though.

These robots are all very simplistic. Ciclo is your pride and joy; it took years of tinkering to get him like he is. You don't care how silly a transforming bike is, it's really cool.

You're not really in the mood to play video games or work on anything, though. You sort of just wanna lie down and pretend today didn't happen.