Your name is Imme. You work as a Busy Bee for Honeypot Couriers, the only remaining human courier service in Dresda. Ever since the postal system has become automated there is a high risk of packages becoming folded, spindled or mutilated. Clients with important and fragile cargo trust Honeypot to deliver it all in one piece and on time.

You have just been dispatched on an important delivery to the Dresda Museum Of Natural History. You don't know what's in the package, but your boss Queen Bee says that the client stressed how important it was that it arrived safely. To a neurotic extent.

That's why she's entrusting it to you.

You pride yourself on delivering packages safely. You tuck it into your bag as Queen Bee waves goodbye.


You exit The Hive. Your boss's eccentricities are kind of weird but you humor her anyway. You really enjoy your job, after all!

You'd better get going! Where did you park?