>Take some deep breaths


That was unpleasant, whatever it was. No more sleeping on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to deter you from an irrational and absurd sense of obligation to find the culprit behind your mugging.

You know what you will have to do tomorrow at work, and you're not looking forward to it.

Your co-worker Klaus is chatting with your boss. Everyone calls him "Klaus the Louse" behind his back, and sometimes in front of it. He is a generally repulsive, selfish, weasely, insufferable sort of person who makes no secret of his criminal affiliations. You are to understand that the only reason he is employed here is because he is guaranteed safe passage to the rougher spots of the city where the RoBoten couriers are frequently robbed. Queen Bee is scary enough to keep him under her thumb.

Although he has no particular allegiance, he does get around in all the wrong sorts of circles and seems to have a good idea of what goes on in the city's underbelly. He's your best bet, frustrating as it is.

It looks like he's leaving to go on his lunch break. Now's your chance.

"Hey, Klaus."

"Ugh. It pains me to ask this, but ... I need your help."

"Oh yes? I suppose you'd like me to take over some of your deliveries because you're tired of being able to afford a nice apartment?"

"No, you jackass. I want to find out about the robot that mugged me yesterday. I need some information."

"If information is what you seek, might I suggest the public library?"

"UGH, you- ... "

"I get it, I get it. Just name your price."

"This is adorable, you think you're in a detective story! Information doesn't come cheap, Imme. And why should I help you, anyway?"

"Because you're a fine, upstanding citizen."

"Oh ho! You're quite the comedienne. Now, if you're done entertaining me, I'd like to go entertain my stomach."

"Look, this is really important, Klaus. Just tell me what you want."

"Well ... I suppose there is something you could do for me. Surely it's well within the means of the highest paid courier at Honeypot?"

You're sorry to say you have a pretty good idea of what that something is.